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International Y2K Cooperation Center

Welcome to the International Y2K Cooperation Center.

The IY2KCC was created in February, 1999 under the auspices of the United Nations, with funding from the World Bank. Our mission is to promote increased strategic cooperation and action among governments, peoples, and the private sector to minimize adverse Y2K effects on the global society and economy.
Use our links to get information about Y2K and to contact over 170 national, regional, and sector coordinators. Review country Y2K readiness surveys. See our latest press releases. Check out our calendar of events. Take a look at conference presentations and upcoming agendas. Delve into our tools and templates to gather information about contingency planning and connect to international and multi-national organizations. Volunteer to serve in the YES Corps or, if you are a national Y2K coordinator, sign up for assistance for your country. Contact us with your questions and suggestions.

It can all be done here on this website, in English, Spanish and French, and Portuguese.

International Y2K Cooperation Center
1000 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Suite 502
Washington, D.C. 20036
TEL: 202-466-5464 | FAX: 202-466-5451


Liability Disclaimer:
The sole purpose of this website is to provide an overview on issues and actions regarding Y2K. The information is not intended to serve as legal, medical or technical advice or as a substitute for any legal, medical or technical practitioner. If you have a question about a specific fact situation, you should contact the appropriate expert directly.