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Testimony of Bruce W. McConnell, Director, IY2KCC

  • 13 October 1999
  • 29 July 1999

    Mission Statement

    Steering Committee Members

    Comments, Suggestions, and Questions

  • International Y2K Cooperation Center

    IY2KCC Mission Statement


    Mission: Promote increased strategic cooperation and action among governments, peoples, and the private sector to minimize adverse Y2K effects on the global society and economy.
    Goal: Using existing entities and mechanisms to the maximum extent possible, achieve . . .
    • National Readiness: Promote active Y2K programs in countries worldwide.
    • Regional Cooperation: Promote and support effective coordination within geographic regions to share information, address trans-border issues, and prepare for contingencies.
    • Sector Cooperation: Promote and support effective coordination within and across economic sectors to address infrastructure inter-dependencies, share information, and prepare for contingencies.
    • Continuity and Response Cooperation: Promote and support effective coordination to assure the continuity of essential services and the provision of emergency response.
    • Information Cooperation: Promote and support effective international information sharing and publicity about the readiness of countries and sectors, the compliance status of products and systems, best practices, and contingency planning, in order to maximize readiness and promote public confidence.
    • Facilitation and Assistance.

    International Steering Committee

    H.E. Ambassador Percy M. Mangoaela
    Permanent Representative to the United Nations
    for the Kingdom of Lesotho

    Mr. Yahia Bouabdellaoui
    Regional Coordinator for the Middle East
    and North Africa

    Ms. Sandra Callagan
    The European Commission

    Mr. Peter Hagedoorn
    The Royal Netherlands

    Mr. Haukur Ingibergsson
    The Republic of Iceland

    Mr. Kaoru Ishikawa
    Regional Coordinator for Asia (Acting)

    The Honorable John A. Koskinen
    United States of America
    Regional Coordinator for North America

    Mr. Bruce W. McConnell
    Director of the International Y2K Cooperation Center

    Mr. Baba-Mustafa Marong
    The Gambia
    Regional Coordinator for Sub-Saharan Africa

    Ms. Mandy Mayer
    United Kingdom

    Mr. Rodrigo Moraga
    Regional Coordinator for South America

    Mr. Antonio Puig
    Regional Coordinator for Central American
    and the Caribbean

    The Honorable Mario Tagarinski
    Regional Coordinator for Eastern Europe
    and the Russian Federation

    Associate Members:

    Carlos Alberto Primo Braga, Ph.D.
    Program Manager
    infoDev Program, The World Bank

    Mr. Harris Miller
    World Information Technology and Services Alliance

    Sector Coordinators:

    Mrs. Kate Priestly
    United Kingdom
    Health Sector

    Mr. Tomihiro Taniguchi
    Energy Sector

    Mr. Jeonwon Yoon
    The Republic of Korea
    Telecommunications Sector

    IY2KCC Staff:

    Bruce W. McConnell

    Arthur Warman
    Senior Program Director

    Roslyn Docktor
    Program Director

    Lisa Pellegrin
    Director of Communications

    Nancy Victor
    Director of Operations

    International Y2K Cooperation Center
    1000 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Suite 502
    Washington, D.C. 20036
    TEL: 202-466-5464 | FAX: 202-466-5451