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    Volunteer FAQs

    How expert do I have to be to volunteer?
    The YES Corps is seeking experts with a minimum of several years experience in their field, as well as actual Y2K-specific experience.

    What skills and practical experience are you seeking?
    Please consult the Y2K Expert Skills Form for a listing of nearly fifty specific skill areas that Y2K National Coordinators may need.  These skill areas are categorized into three general categories:  Y2K technical, Y2K sector-specific, and Y2K project management.  An applicant must have demonstrated experience in at least one of the skill areas listed.

    What type of projects might I encounter?  What would I actually do?
    For the most part, each YES Volunteer is asked to serve on an email listserver to supply direct support and answers to  Y2K National Coordinators' specific questions.  If your skills match and you are interested, on-site visits may be arranged or teleconferencing and video-conferencing might be organized for you to provide direct assistance.

    Who would I be assisting?
    You would be helping Y2K National Coordinators and their Sector Leaders from any country of the world. The YES Corps provides assistance to senior level ministries in each country to focus resources on ensuring national continuity during the Y2K transition.  The YES Corps is designed primarily to serve developing countries.  Working with National Coordinators through the specific skill request process, YES Volunteers address the needs of the country to help minimize the adverse effects of Y2K.

    What kind of time requirements are you going to need?
    We can use as much time as you can afford to spend on this important project.  Some YES Volunteers may only have the minimum two hours per week to give.  Others may be able to give more.  It is up to each YES Volunteer.

    So how do I begin?
    You must first complete and submit a Y2K Expert Skills Form.  You will then be contacted when your particular skills are matched to the requests of a Y2K National Coordinator. Our Y2K National Coordinators are counting on your expertise. We look forward to working with you!

    International Y2K Cooperation Center
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    Washington, D.C. 20036
    TEL: 202-466-5464 | FAX: 202-466-5451