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    Y2K Expert Service (YES) Corps

    The YES Corps is an international grassroots volunteer network of Y2K experts committed to providing Y2K Expert Service to people, communities and countries in need of technical assistance to assure worldwide Y2K readiness. YES Volunteers come from international industry, government agencies, academia and private enterprise and include individually recognized experts who have offered their time, availability, and knowledge at no charge to support this humanitarian effort.

    The mission of the YES Corps is to promote increased cooperation, communication, and action among governments, peoples, and the private sector in order to minimize adverse Y2K effects on the global society and economy.   The YES Volunteer Corps provides expert assistance without regard to political leanings or financial ability.

    The core focus areas of the YES Corps are on infrastructure -- the basic elements needed to ensure national continuity, including telecommunications, utilities (power, water), government systems, financial systems, medical services, and transportation. The core disciplines will focus on risk management, systems remediation, contingency planning, event management/command centers, program and project management, and best practices in tools and technology.

    YES Corps volunteers participate in regional Y2K meetings, conduct on-site visits to countries, identify and share appropriate resources, and correspond directly with Y2K National Coordinators.  Via e-mail, videoconference, teleconference, mail lists and, as needed and
    appropriate, face-to-face visits, YES Corps volunteers provide direct support to satisfy specific needs identified by the Y2K National Coordinators.

    The YES Corps volunteer program is coordinated by a volunteer Steering Committee composed of: Gary Beach, publisher of CIO Magazine; Dr. Leon Kappelman, Associate Professor of Business Computer Information Systems at the University of North Texas; and Dr. Howard Rubin, professor and Chair of the Department of Computer Science at Hunter College of the City University of New York. The YES Corps is affiliated with the International Y2K Cooperation Center, which was created in February 1999 under the auspices of the United Nations with funding from the World Bank.

    If you are from a country in need of assistance, please ask your Y2K National Coordinator or Sector Leader to complete and submit a Country Request Form. For additional information, please contact YES HELP via:

    • Email:
    • Post:           YES HELP, c/o META Group, 208 Harbor Drive,  P.O. Box 120061, Stamford, CT 06912-0061, USA
    • FAX:          (203) 359-8066 with Attn: YES HELP
    • Contact:     (203) 973-6941, Laurin Kaess, YES CORPS ADMINISTRATOR

    If you would like to become a YES Volunteer, please read YES Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), then submit a Y2K Expert Skills Form. For additional information, please contact the Steering Committee via

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    For press information about the YES Corps, contact Lisa Pellegrin via:

    • Email:
    • Post:           IY2KCC, 1000 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 502,  Washington, DC 20036, USA
    • Phone:        (202) 466-5464, ext. 11
    • FAX:          (202) 466-5451

    International Y2K Cooperation Center
    1000 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Suite 502
    Washington, D.C. 20036
    TEL: 202-466-5464 | FAX: 202-466-5451