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Y2K Global Readiness

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    Y2K Global Readiness

    Explanation of Posted Survey Results

    Based on the responses from National Y2K Coordinators to a Y2K Readiness Survey (PDF), the International Y2K Cooperation Center has developed regional sector readiness charts. These charts provide countries with a way to tell their own stories about their Y2K preparations. We hope that this information will promote a more realistic understanding of global Y2K readiness, strengthen efforts to address critical areas in each country, and help direct available resources appropriately.

    To learn specific country information, the IY2KCC has created readiness status charts by region. The number in each block indicates the month in which the country reports it will be 90 percent complete with its Y2K implementation in that sector. The color indicates the level of dependence on information technology in that sector.

    Continuity/contingency planning and emergency response information for each sector can be found by clicking on the cell for the particular country and sector. Reported challenges and concerns for each sector are also detailed.

    In many cases, a country's national Y2K web site provides detailed information on sector status and contingency planning. For links to country web pages, please go directly to Country Links.

    Additional country readiness information will be added as soon as it is received from reporting national coordinators.

    Y2K Global Readiness Status
    by Region and Country

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